About Us

Solution Paddle Gear is an Australian company that has specialized in the manufacture and design of high quality paddling products for the past 9 years. Solution started down the bumpy road of the canoeing industry in 1996 in my grandparents’ garage; they put up with a lot of noise as I’d fire up the sewing machine after a hard day’s work at ‘the real job’. After a few prototypes I came up with a range of Seam Sealed spray covers now known as the Slice, Eclipse and the Stab Deck.

These three decks quickly became favourites with some of Australia’s best paddlers in slalom, freestyle and creeking, and the business crawled forward as fast as word of mouth advertising and one guy doing all the designing, cutting, sewing etc would allow.

Since then Solution has designed many different styles of skirts and has grown beyond the constraints of one guy in a shed. After some time the very popular Stab deck had been rested for a new beast; the Kevlar Slider deck. This deck put Solution on the map as Australia’s premier spray skirt manufacturer. As the spray skirts evolved so did Solution. We now have many products in our range and Solution is a part of an exciting new team, Sea to Summit, a distributor and designer of innovative new products in the Outdoor Industry.

Solution products are tested and worn by some of Australia's and the world’s premier kayakers; from the whitewater of Norway and coastal regions of Australia to the pinnacle of slalom kayaking at the Olympic Games. As paddlers we all have dreams. Whether it’s first descents or cruising on the harbour, our aim is to design paddling products that will help you fulfil your dreams and enjoy your paddling experience.